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Hi, Collectors!

As you all know, Collect.Social is always on the edge of the NFT-collecting future. And right now we bring up the brand new MEGA feature — the Collect Gallery!

The season of giving has officially commenced!

We introduce the Whitelist application process for the upcoming 1st SALE of Gallery Mining BOOSTERs on the 26th of…

Hi, Collectors!
Celebrating our upcoming Collect Gallery we will Raffle 100 Basic Boosters for the Gallery among all the joiners!

Try your luck and join the RAFFLE!

In case you missed our latest article on Boosters, learn about it on this page.

ATTENTION! To join the whitelist you need the WAX Cloud Wallet. The simple instruction is here:

Time frame

Enter period: Dec’ 2nd — Dec’ 5th.

Join the GiveAway by hitting the link below 👇🏻

What else can you do about Boosters?

To apply the Boosters you can win, capture your intent getting the Gallery Spot right now in our continuing series of auctions here.

Good luck y’all and stay updated with our events on TWITTER, DISCORD, TELEGRAM, and YOUTUBE.

IMPORTANT: Collect.Social has an evolving business model so some numbers and mechanics can be subject to change within given data.

Hey, Collectors!
We’re baking up something special before the Gallery launch.
Read on to uncover great tweaks that will elevate you — literally and figuratively!

What is the Collect.Gallery?

The gallery is a virtual space for collectors to exhibit, buy and sell NFTs along with catch-on features like staking, gamification, renting & leasing space.

Key Gallery Features

Welcome back to another Friday!

One week ago we were launching the Big Promo Raffle timed to coincide with the upcoming Exit Limbo sale.
In case you missed it, here is the original post of our event and details.

The Final Picture

We drew 18 winners via the tool, 35 Winners were drawn manually by the Holy Random.

For fair results, we recorded random prizes distribution among 35 Winners here.

What do you have to do?

If you found yourself on the list of the winner, keep your inbox updated — we will send you details.

If not — you’re lucky enough to win the next competition!

💡So hold on for new opportunities and updates in our TWITTER, TELEGRAM, DISCORD, and YOUTUBE.


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