Gallery Mining Boosters Sale: 26th Dec at 17 UTC!

2 min readDec 17, 2021


Plans on Mining Booster Sale adjusted.

On the account of the recent launch of Gallery on Collect.Social platform, the wise decision boils down to letting the Users become naturalized with a new feature.

Hence, Gallery Boosters Mining Sale is rescheduled to Sunday, Dec 26th at 17 UTC.


Whereas we are preparing Boosters sale, go ahead and file for Whitelist via the link. The application is active till Dec 25th, 10.00 UTC.

The Passes received by the Giveaway winners will give access to the sale, but there is no guarantee of purchase, so be fast and furious!

Note: get detailed info on Gallery & Boosters here.

Sale Details Updated: Packs Configuration & Rounds

  • 500 Big Packs — 3 Boosters inside at $110 apiece;
  • 2000 Small Packs — with 1 Booster inside at $40 apiece.

The sale itself will happen in 2 rounds:

1st Whitelisted users Round: 1 small and 1 big pack available for a claim with 15 minutes cooldown.

To get Whitelisted, please, make sure you have The Holy Racoon Pass before Dec’26th. You can win one within a Raffle or buy here.

2nd Public round will happen 1 hour 15 minutes later after Round 1 in case there are any packs left.

Boosters Rates & Drop Chances

Gain a Spot, amplify the Gallery and get ready for Boosted farming options.

Stay tuned on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and YouTube.




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