Collect is BOOSTING with Gallery Auctions and Mining Boosters Sale!

A sneak peek at the HUGE BREAKTHROUGH this month!

Greetings, Сollectors!

Today we’re here with a quick and intriguing sneak peek at the huge breakthrough of Collect.Social project we all have been waiting for so much!

A shortlist of what’s gonna happen in the next weeks:

  • Collect.Gallery launch.
  • The comeback of Gallery Spot Auctions.
  • A new Drop of Collect.Gallery Mining Boosters.
  • Complete Collect.Social Whitepaper.

🔴 First, the launch of Collect.Social gallery is just around the corner — within a week or so we’ll welcome visitors to our brand new Collect.Gallery with an awesome set of features including, but not limited to:

  • NFT Exhibition;
  • Staking NFTs;
  • Staking of Mining Boosters;
  • RACOONs Staking;
  • Spot Upgrade;
  • Renting and leasing space;
  • Staking assets on the rented spot;
  • Put NFT for sale within the gallery;
  • Gallery Gamification (puzzle + reward);

… and even more!

🔴 Second, to make the Gallery launch and use experience more intense, we’ll re-launch Collect Gallery Spots Auctions.
Make sure you’ve got your KEY!

🔴 Third — we’re going to have a DROP of Gallery Mining Boosters — the ultimate Collect.Social NFTs that can be staked within a Collect Gallery Room to generate a high amount of Racoon Tokens on a daily basis.
Follow the announcements!

And of course, we’re going to publish the most comprehensive document about Collect.Social — the Whitepaper.
We all know this is getting huge!

So, it’s time to prepare your Keys, RACOONs and follow our Social Media:
Twitter, Discord, Telegram, YouTube.

👋🏻 See you soon in the Collect.Gallery!




First “Collect to Earn” platform for collectors to track the progress, achieve and collaborate.

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First “Collect to Earn” platform for collectors to track the progress, achieve and collaborate.

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