Dapplica’s Charity NFT Drop to Support Ukraine

As a subsidiary of the Ukrainian company Dapplica.io, we united to provide humanitarian assistance to victims of war in Ukraine. Together with a solid and kind NFT community, we’ve already raised over 86000 WAX ($24000).
And we are asking our collectors to continue providing help for Ukrainians to cope with the aftermath of the war.

Dapplica set up a drop of elegant NFT badges ornamented with Ukrainian symbols.

By buying this, you can be sure of its future value.
It’s appreciated as a great work towards the afterwar welfare of people in Ukraine.

The team of Dapplica will allocate all the endowments to verified charity organizations Nova Ukraine, Razom For Ukraine. More organizations are subject to develop connections with.

You can follow this campaign on our official telegram channel.

Alternatively, if you don’t need NFT, there are open crypto-addresses for any donations via the drop link:

Share this with your friends and supportive connections.
We are proud of and enormously thankful to everyone who joined.

Stay strong with Ukraine.💙💛

Stay tuned to our Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, and Youtube.



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