Gallery First: Update on Launch and Boosters Sale

Hey, Collectors!

Updated statement on Gallery to share:

the Gallery is expected to be ready earlier than expected, so we decided to roll it out before the sale.

What does it mean for you?

  • First and foremost — the whitelist application for the Booster Sale resumes till Dec 24th, 10.00 UTC.
    To recollect how Boosters will work, jump to this entry.

File for the whitelist here:

Worth noting: Gallery Spots owners are already enrolled for the Boosters Sale Whitelist.

  • The second but still decisive — we are rolling out the Gallery feature, attributing this move to the better comprehension of user experience.
    And just for testing and landing your vision on the range of available functions.

Boosters Sale Info

Gallery mining Boosters Sale scheduled for Sunday, Dec 26th at 17 UTC till 19 UTC.

The sale will be exposed in two stages:

  • Private sale for whitelisted Users — allocation of 2000 Small packs (at $40 apiece) and 500 Big packs (at $110 apiece);
    Starts at 17 UTC.
    If you missed it, the link to the whitelist is above.
  • Public sale — distribution of packs left from 1st round.
    Time: 18 UTC.

Booster Rates Breakdown

Zooming Out

The Gallery is the first medium on Collect to reap the benefit of Mining boosters and extra fruitful features gathered under one roof.

Therefore, for the sake of sustainable adoption of the new function, we recommend trying it first of all.

Turn your notification on and catch us live on Tuesday.
The game is just starting.





First “Collect to Earn” platform for collectors to track the progress, achieve and collaborate.

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First “Collect to Earn” platform for collectors to track the progress, achieve and collaborate.

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