Highlights of March

👋🏻Hi there, NFT-collectors!

March has been a great kick-off month for our Collect.Social project, and today we are happy to share with you the top highlights of the month.

💡Hold on and read the recap of the main points!

Collect.Social was born and is Growing

🚀 The project was launched on March 4th, 2021.

In parallel with the start, a referral program was introduced, which allows users to receive 2% of invited friend earnings.

At the same time, the user base has grown exponentially. The first week brought us 200 Users, and in the next three weeks, we managed to grow in almost five times more.

Likewise, the Total Asset Value leaps from 20k to more than 100 thousand dollars.

We have also added a filter by authors to make a search via platform way easier. Now the overall interface has become more user-friendly.

Collect.Social Becomes Closer to You!

⏰ Currently, three articles have been published, including one fundamental Guide describing key Collect.S’s features.

  • The Twitter community number has increased to over 400 followers.
  • We have united over 150 collectors within our Telegram channel.

Collect.Social Mentions in Media

Last month Collect has been already mentioned several times in the crypto-media.

We are honored to announce such platforms as Dapp.com and Dapp.Review have become allies in this regard.

Article on dapp.com
Article on Dapp.Review

Collect.Social Updates

We are moving fast, gradually improving our service, and have increased the number of supported authors from two to seven.

Today Collect.S already has these top authors on the platform, including:

Current Collect’s collections

Collect.Social TOP Collections

As to collectibles ranking, Destructive Horde Mini of Dark Country and Abundant Tools of AlienWorlds tend to be the most popular ones on the platform.

Racoons Giveaway!

We’ve launched and are still running (until April 15th) a Giveaway on our Twitter: subscribe, make a retweet, comment with your WAX account and get 500 Racoons!

👀Looking forward to new big achievements in April, and thanks to all our community for engagement and support!

💡 Stay connected!

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First “Collect to Earn” platform for collectors to track the progress, achieve and collaborate.

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First “Collect to Earn” platform for collectors to track the progress, achieve and collaborate.

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