The 3 Pillars of Collect.Social project

👋🏻Hi there, collectors!

First of all, we want to thank our early adopters for the high interest in our project. Hope you enjoy making collections, earning experience points and Racoons, as well as achievements.

Nowadays we are seeing exciting times ahead of us to implement a lot of new core updates within the project.

This announcement will cover 3 most important things what this project is about:

  • Racoon tokens utility
  • Collect Gallery
  • Keys to locations

Check the following video explainer if you haven’t seen it yet and then dive deeper into the news!

The Racoon tokens

Utility token that is core to incentivise users for making collections and earning achievements. With every XP point, the user gets, they also receive the same amount of Racoons.

Racoon tokens will have following utilities:

  • Buy limited assets and packs within Collect promotions.
  • Purchase a subscription service at Collect (e.g. VIP accounts).
  • Pay for rent in Collect’s Gallery.
  • Use it to pin an NFT in the user’s profile.
    Pinned NFTs are a great way to highlight in a user’s profile if you want to showcase or even sell them.
  • Other social activities: Create groups, advertisements, etc.
  • Participate in auctions to conquer top Gallery locations.
  • Vote for your favorite collections to be added into Collect.
  • …and much more!

The Collect GALLERY

What is the GALLERY? Think of it like owning a Land in projects like Alien Worlds, Metaverse, Decentraland and others.

Some of you should remember the 1M pixels webpage, where a 21y.o. programmer sold 1 million of pixels with a 1$ price per pixel. People or brands could buy out space and put an ad in it, that would lead to a certain URL.

Collect brings it to the NEXT LEVEL!

Owning a piece of Gallery’s space that can be used by anyone from regular collectors to big brands such as Mercedes or Disney to rent or buy your location to showcase their content.

Gallery is a 100 x 100 space that contains 10 000 blocks. Gallery will be divided into 9 Halls. User starts his journey from the Center of a selected hall.

Users will be able to get their Gallery Block via obtaining a key or getting it from pack or other promotional activities. A block is an NFT that has to be owned by a user in order to be able to participate in Gallery.

You can sell:

  • The Block
  • The content within the Block

… or simply earn from rent fees by those who want their NFTs to be placed within your Gallery block.

Finally, Gallery might look something like that. However, it will be an interactive page, with zoom in/out, pan and highlight features..etc. Imagine how many eyes will see your block with NFT listed on it!

But that’s not all, this Gallery eventually will become a 3D VR showroom. So users will be able to choose by glazing this collage or walking around 3D space and discovering what’s inside.

Keys to the Gallery

Want a Gallery Block?
Get a key first!

A key is a limited NFT, that can be sold or kept for further use. Key gives a guarantee to claim a certain Gallery block.
Once there are at least 1000 Keys distributed a regular auction will start.

Users can receive keys via a number of ways like find it within a pack or buy from other users, or as a reward for certain activities.

Users will be able to bid for better locations using Racoon tokens, there will be several locations per auction to be distributed.

What’s next?

Indeed, we’ve started Collect.Social as a simple project to indulge our inner collectors’ souls — we all love collecting from the very childhood. But with all your support and interest in what we’ve offered to you in early March, we are ready to move forward and bring the next big thing in the NFT world to life!

💡Stay tuned and keep collecting!

🔗Catch us live on Twitter, Telegram, and Youtube.



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