Collect Auction Explained: get your place in the Gallery!

👋🏻 Hello there, Collectors!

We know for sure you were waiting for this event during this short interlude from our side!
Now we are back with brand new updates and announcements!

As long as more than 2200 keys have been already distributed, it is the grand time to start an AUCTION!

Here we are to enlighten the staple mechanics of it.

Auction — is a way to obtain Collect Gallery Slot by competitive bids of potential buyers.

The outline from the previous articles displayed the option of renting, leasing the space, exhibiting your NFT art that will be available after a test-run launch.
Anyway, either you are new here or an old ally, this entry will clarify what the Gallery is.

We crave to make you earn Racoons in a gamified, interactive, and authentic way.
Hence, only key owners have a dibs on joining the Auction and acquire the Space in Gallery.

So if you already are — congrats, the first condition is fulfilled!

Now closer to ins and outs of the Auction Procedure!

What it will look like?

At the first stage, we will present the gallery in 2D.

Here we place 8 halls (image below), 48 rooms in each.

Every room will contain 24 NFTs for public bids and 1 secret slot.

In total, 1200 NFTs per 1 hall (48 rooms x 25 NFTs).

During the first stage, 3 rooms with 24 NFTs in each will be put up for auction.

I.e a total of 72 NFTs.

Soon, we will expand the number of rooms available for the Auction just as the spaces in the rooms are sold.

☝🏻 Remember, this is just the beginning of Collect’s Gallery trip.
By making at least 72 auctions we will activate a 2D view of the Gallery, so users will be able to assign or sell NFTs via that gallery.





First “Collect to Earn” platform for collectors to track the progress, achieve and collaborate.

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First “Collect to Earn” platform for collectors to track the progress, achieve and collaborate.

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