Collect.Social ROADMAP Q3-Q4' 2021

👋🏻Hey there and Happy Wednesday, Collectors!

💙In the midst of preparing new project features is a perfect time to dish out the scope of ever-green updates!
Let’s come closer to Collect’s Roadmap!

Releases soon

  • Collect.Voting Round 2 (launched, once a fortnight frequency).
    It’s a community-derived collectibles election that allows you to burn Racoons for your vote!

The point is that the Author with the highest number of votes will join our website by the end of the Voting period.

  • Collect.Promo Club Launch.
    The Collect Promo Club section acts as an “Advertising Cinema” that rewards users for watching the advertising of new NFT-drops and projects.

Advertisers set up a per-view reward in Racoon coins and launch their ads to be viewed by users in Promo Club.

Users watch Ads and receive Racoon rewards assigned to a certain Advertisement.

In the long run

  1. Key Auction — end of July 2021.
    Auction on Collect is a way to obtain Collect.Gallery Slot by competitive bids of potential buyers.
  2. 2D NFT Gallery — mid-August 2021.
    2D Gallery is going to be launched as soon as 2 virtual rooms are filled within the Auction process.
  3. Renting/Leasing NFT-Space Feature — September 2021.
    Pay a rent ➡️ exhibit your NFT ➡️ succeed!
    Or vice versa: lease space to the Creators’ artworks.
  4. Multichain Support. ETH Support Beta — September-October 2021.
    The beginning of curation Ethereum blockchain collections.
    It will be possible:)
  5. 3D VR Gallery Alpha— October/November 2021.
    In nitty-gritty, it’s an interactive 3D NFT Exhibition.
    If you are new here, this article would be a nice starting point to get acquainted with the feature.
  6. +1 Blockchain Support — December 2021.
    Never enough blockchains! Collect will grow with mediums extension!

📌Please, note: each date mentioned above is approximate due to the experimental nature of the blockchain NFT ecosystem.

🎉Salute you if you’ve read every word of the outline.
We are working on getting well-primed for the updates and tweaks for our Supporters.

☀️Stay cool and enjoy the summer!





First “Collect to Earn” platform for collectors to track the progress, achieve and collaborate.

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First “Collect to Earn” platform for collectors to track the progress, achieve and collaborate.

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