Puzzles Collecting Guide

👋🏻Hi there, Collectors!

To start with, a small off-top: recently, we have crossed the line of 6500 Tracked Accounts on Collect.Social.

On the notion that there is a great way to go, we are grateful to every adopter for expressing interest and joining the idea.

Now we are thrilled to run you through the key points of collecting.

🚀Hold on!

To Start With

First of all — login.
Press “Start collecting” on the homepage and choose a convenient key manager app to onboard — Alcor, WAX Cloud Wallet, or Wombat Wallet.

What is Collection?

The collection is a curated aggregation of digital assets from various authors arrayed on the website due to some logic.
Users are able to gather 1 collection per account.

How to gather the collection?

Go to the Collections menu, choose the desired one, and press “Market”.

You will be redirected to Atomic Hub at the push of a button with a list of NFTs displayed there.

A particular item has AssetID.

Copy that number and paste in Verify Asset blank to check its uniqueness as to who owns the NFT.

If the code is valid, you can go further.

Repeat the operation with each asset in a preferable collection to make sure no one else has already used it.

The last important fact is that the mint number isn’t exposed in the collection, hence no matter which asset exactly was verified on AtomicHub.

I’ve gathered the collection. What is next?

There are XPs provided per every completed set.

1 XP = 1 Racoon Coin.
Experience status displayed above the chosen collectibles.

What does the WAX amount below the collection mean?

The WAX value represents the total market price for the assets in the entire set.

What are the puzzles?

The puzzle is a new and current milestone of the Collect Project.

Divided into six zones due to rarity, each layer provides a reward for its fulfillment.

📌 For instance, A puzzle finishing proves the A reward, B puzzle — B reward correspondingly.

Literally, without the previous level finishing, the next one is not available.

How can I know what pieces are missing?

Take a glimpse at this schema to check which puzzles are absent or which ones you still need.

What are the ways to get puzzles?

Firstly, you can buy April and Promo Packs on the secondary market.

Buying a pack avails getting bonuses and keys as well.

The second way is a particular puzzle piece purchase on the secondary market as well.

📍Just a hint: ask and trade missing pieces in our Telegram circle.

How to claim puzzles?

After Packs unboxing click “Claim” to get pieces arranged on canvas.

⚠️ Pay attention: if pieces are unclaimable for you on the website then use Nefty Blocks.

What are the keys?

A key is a limited NFT that can be sold or kept for further use.

Key gives a guarantee to claim a Gallery block, a future-proof checkpoint of Collect’s materialization.

Once there are at least 1000 Keys distributed, a regular auction will start.

To look deeper into key use, check this article.

How many keys minted?

The overall key amount comprises 10000 assets.

Where can I get a key?

  • From April and Promo Packs,
  • Secondary market purchase,
  • …and puzzle layers fulfillment (chances depicted in the image above).

How can I get the Racoon?

  • From completed collections.
    As was mentioned, XPs per collectible is equal to 1 Racoon.
  • For the time being, Racoon has become convertible to WAX on Alcor.

☝🏻Take a glimpse at the explanation picture above once more to catch on the chances.

How to add Racoon to WAX Cloud Wallet?

Go to the website, chose Add Custom Token option.

Fill required fields as outlined below.

✅ Done!

That is just a brief FAQ to make it easy to use a platform and enjoy collecting.

💡Stay tuned and join us on Telegram, Twitter, YouTube.



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