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3 min readMay 1, 2021

🙌🏻Good day, Collectors!

Now we are back with a portion of splendid updates.

So just one question remains: are you ready to meet new updates on the first Collect2Earn medium?

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We have already explained the role of Racoons for Collectors. If you are new here, reading this article would be a good starting point.

Today we want to take a step towards the next milestone of that ever-changed token.
Now Collecting would be more joyful with the new fruitful feature for our users.

What is the mining rate?

Mining rate of the collection — the amount of Racoon coins provided for particular sets supposing it is sustained for at least 24 hours.

Tiers of Collections Mining Rates

The standard mining rate granted for particular sets comprises 5% of displayed collection XP or Racoon Coins.

Those conditions are applied in case the user has been holding a collection for no less than 24 hours on the phase of the mining test run.

⚠️ Disclaimer: Mining Rate available not for every collection on the website.
⏫ So pay heed to find the symbol below the collection name.

What does this mean?

By way of illustration, the mechanics come down to RACOON accrual after keeping the clustering of cards.

Hereon, after 24 hours we will check to ascertain the collection belongs to a specific WAX Account.

Simply put, no sell transactions of claimed collection admitted, just stable retention to get a RACOON refund.

Not a poor suggestion, isn’t it?

1 Week or Accumulation Stops

As was said RACOON Bonus is available once in 24 hours.

In the same way, Token Bonus could be stored within 1 Week only so that it entitles you to earn an overall 35% of collection XPs.

After 168 hours the Coins will no longer accumulate until the balance is reset.

Once the Racoons are withdrawn, the 24-hour accumulation will begin again.

Thereby you have to claim tokens at least once in 7 days.

🎯 No time to delay.

Altogether, it’s a great opportunity to enhance your earnings by collecting as well as being naturally attentive.

Upgraded Mining Rate

At the beginning of the article, we were talking about the standard mining rate and its terms.

But, wait, there’s more!

If you are an author, you have a unique chance to boost your collection.

The point is when the artist is carrying out certain events, there is an upward tendency to push an NFT-set. This allows users to multiply their rewards.

For instance, if, as a creator, you are running a Promo Sale, then the Mining Rate of selected collection XPs will constitute a higher percent.

💣 So let’s give it a go!

🎲 Thank you for reading this article and experimenting with new features!
Y’all are the driving force for our project to be propelled.

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